New Machine

The Salida H2RB2T Rotary Brush Belt models are suited to high volume sanding of 3D components using the latest technology. The large contact area of the two counter-rotating, rotary brush belts gives a huge amount of sanding contact time for excellent results. Ideal for kitchen doors, including deep shaker doors, house doors and end panels.

The Salida H2RB2T Rotary Brush Belt uses double sided abrasive with forward and reverse sanding direction for intermediate sanding one way, and denibbing in the opposite direction. The twin oscilating, counter-rotating roller sanding brushes give a fine linear scratch pattern ready for paint or lacquer.

  • 1350mm working width.
  • Photoelectric sensors detect work piece thickness.
  • Programmable Control via PLC/HMI.
  • Automatic feed belt tracking.
  • Max thickness 100mm.
  • Quick release brush change system.
  • Strong vacuum bed to hold down small components.
  • Automatic sanding compensation to allow for abrasive wear.


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