Efficient sanding of cabinet door edges in MDF, melamine, and solid wood using a track brush belt. The variable speed conveyor takes the doors through the machine, sanding with consistent pressure.

The long contact time effortlessly fibre sands or denibbs edges. Oscillation helps remove marks and increases abrasive life.

Availble as a single head 600mm wide or twin heads 700mm wide.

  • The adjustable angle sanding head allows for profiled edges.
  • Fast and consistent sanding of batches.
  • Segmented rubber contact rollers grip contoured door surfaces.
  • Extendable supports accommodate large and small doors and drawer fronts.
  • Available fully enclosed.


  • Single head 620mm long with 58 sanding brushes 80mm high.
  • Min working length 200mm.
  • Max working length 1300mm.
  • Min working width 120mm.
  • Min working thickness 5mm.
  • Max working thickness 80mm.
  • Variable feed speed 4-24m/min.
  • Overall dimensions 1900(L) x 1180(w) x 1450(H)mm


  • Two heads, each 700mm long with 78 sanding brushes 80mm high.
  • Electronic height, tilt and contact roller adjustment.
  • Min working length 150mm.
  • Min working width 200mm.
  • Min working thickness 10mm.
  • Max working thickness 80mm.
  • Digital brush speed, feed speed, and contact roller height readout.
  • Variable feed speed 6-25m/min.
  • Quick release for easy brush changes.


MDF Cabinet Door Edge Sanding

Edges of cabinet doors are sanded with consistent pressure.


  • Machine:Salida SL-700TB2
  • Brush Type:P42 / A220 Grit

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