Very rare, fully loaded DiscMaster 3DBB for sale, used.

  • It is ideal for:
  • Removing fibres on wood, MDF and veneered work pieces.
  • Sanding profiles, radii, crossovers and surfaces.
  • Preparing MDF for 3D foil wrapping.
  • Preparing the work piece for further surface treatment.
  • Denibbing paint and lacquer.

The DiscMaster works with 16 discs which no longer oscillate but rotate eccentrically. The advantages are firstly, a significantly longer sanding time due to three rows of discs. This increased sanding intensity is of the utmost importance in wood sanding. Secondly, the eccentric rotation of the discs ensures that the sanding strips reach even the smallest of mouldings. An additional blurring effect is also achieved on the surface. Last but not least you get a uniform breaking of the side edges, independent of the feed speed.

The two large, counter-rotating rollers which follow ensure that you get that even finish in the direction of the feed.

Standard Equipment

  • State-of-the-art eccentric disc technology.
  • 16 large discs.
  • 2 Large counter-rotating sanding rollers.
  • Individual motorized settings.
  • Constant height of through-feed .
  • Working width 1350mm (1850mm available on request).
  • Variable speed feed.
  • Sensor-activated, oscillating product cleaning device with anti-static strip and separate extraction connection.
  • Power Panel with PLC controls and colour display for setting and storing all relevant sanding parameters.
  • Powerful vacuum bed for small workpieces.

Optional Equipment

  • N/A



Combined preparation and finish sanding with the Loewer DiscMaster 3DBB, also demonstrating moulding sanding and small component sanding.


  • Machine:Loewer DiscMaster DBB
  • Setup:Disc, Brush, Brush configuration
  • Preparation Brush Type: P42 A220 / A220 / A240
  • Denibbing Brush Type: P42 S320 / S320 / S400

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