The Houfek Final D is a highly efficient brush sanding machine ideal for preparation sanding and intermediate denibbing between finishing coats of paint and lacquer. Using disc sanding technology, sometimes refered to as cup brush sanding, the FINAL D is capable of sanding/denibbing piece parts prior to assembly,linear mouldings, five piece doors, window sashes and frames, etc. Small components easily processed with optional vacuum table.

Great for processing GRP, MDF, plywood, solid wood, veneer, paint and lacquer.

  • One disc sanding brush station, also known as a cup sander.
  • 1100mm working width. (Optional 1350mm width available)
  • Touch screen control available
  • Quick change sanding strips to all sanding units.
  • Forward/reverse direction to all sanding units - sand and denib on one machine.
  • Fixed table height.
  • Variable feed speed.
  • Variable speed disc(cup) brush (D).
  • Oscillation to sanding unit.
  • Adjustable pinch rollers.
  • Long life time of consumables.
  • Uniform edge break.
  • Preparation sand prior to foil wrapping.
  • Save time, labour, materials and money.
  • From £20,500 plus VAT.

Standard Equipment

  • Fixed table height.
  • Auto feed belt tracking
  • Variable feed belt speed 3-12 m/min.
  • Independent height adjustment (electric).
  • Pinch rollers 50mm adjustable.
  • Maximum work piece height: 100mm.
  • Digital height readout
  • Disc (cup) brush (D) forward/reverse.
  • Disc (cup) brush (D) oscillation.
  • Disc (cup) brush (D) variable speed 50-300rpm.
  • Disc station variable speed oscillation 20-60 rpm
  • Including first set of abrasives.

Optional Equipment

  • Vacuum table.
  • Vacuum pump.
  • Side heads.
  • Touch screen 10.4" control panel.
  • Cleaning device for conveyor belt.
  • Front/rear table extension.
  • Custom colour.
  • Increase max work piece height 150mm or 250mm.
  • Increase max disc speed to 800rpm.

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Get a perfect finish with a disc (cup) sander.


  • Machine:Houfek Final D
  • Setup:Disc Configuration
  • Brush Type:320 Grit / 42 mm brush height