Unosand aluminium hubs are a strong, durable and economical way to convert machines to accept Unosand brushes. The hubs can be supplied with two regular end caps or one regular and one access end cap. Bore size to suit your machine.

The access end cap is an option to allow for easy changing of sanding brushes within the confines of a machine.

  • The Aluminium hub is 180mm diameter with 36 key ways.
  • Any length from 20mm to a maximum length of 2000mm.
  • Suitable for the Unosand sanding brushes both single row (P)and double row(PH).
  • Overall diameter including 36 sanding brushes model P42 is approx 300mm.
  • Suitable for most machine conversions.


Unosand POM hubs are ideal for converting existing equipment where limited space is an issue. Ideal for offhand sanding of internal curves within a tight radius.

Finished diameter including sanding brushes from 124 mm. Suitable for the Unosand System sanding brushes both single row (P)and double row(PH) and Unosand System Wire(SW35+ SW50).

  • The POM hubs are available from 50mm to 150mm diameter. (180mm and 280mm to special order)
  • Hubs are supplied with two 5mm end caps adding 10mm to the overall length of the complete unit. Please advise bore dimension.
  • Any length from 20mm to maximum 400mm.
  • Longer hubs possible with joining pieces, please enquire.

Aluminium Hub

No. of Key Ways


50 80 100 125
No. of Key Ways
12 16 20 24
Diameter cont.
150 180 280
No. of Key Ways cont.
30 36 54

Comprehensive range of compatible sanding brushes for most sanding and denibbing systems available.