The automatic finishing machine Leistomat SD is designed for finish sanding of profiled window components or for intermediate sanding after prime coat or impregnation, using 8 sanding units.

6 drum sanding units + 2 softdisc units from 6 sides adapting automatically to width and profile of the workpiece.

Contact free scanning device for scanning width and profile of work piece.

PLC control includes the following parameters:

  • Workpiece thickness
  • Width of work piece
  • Depth of dipping in
  • Rotation speed of sanding units
  • Feed speed

All parameters can be set and saved in programming mode. In Automatic mode the width and the profile of workpiece will be recognised automatically and the left units will set to right position automatically, the height of work piece has to be set upfront manually.

Standard Equipment

  • 4 brush sanding roller units 0,75kW
  • 1 disc unit Ø 200mm 0,75kW - Top
  • 1 disc unit Ø 200mm 0,75kW - Bottom
  • PLC control
  • Disc units equipped with Softdisc and sanding pad
  • Variable speed motors and conveyor

Optional Equipment

  • Extra sanding brush discs to replace the softdiscs for denibbing



The Leistomat LZ8 individually scans workpiece profiles to provide the best finish and keep production moving as fast as possible.


  • Machine:Loewer Leistomat LZ8
  • Brush Type:P42 / A220 Grit

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