The Unosand Moulding Sander is ideal for sanding and denibbing all profiles including - architrave, skirting and flooring products for medium to large scale production.

A heavy duty steel frame supports five variable speed motors for sanding mouldings and other linear products on three sides.

The variable speed rollers feed the product past two counter rotating brushes from top and two side brushes together with one angle adjustable supplementary head.

Practical sanding, value for money -

  • Sanding and denibbing linear products.
  • Sanding mouldings, skirting, architrave, flooring.
  • Sanding on three sides.
  • Sand MDF, hardwoods and softwoods.
  • Paint, sealer and lacquer sanding.

Standard Equipment

  • Extractor hood outlets.
  • 5 sanding heads.
  • 300mm wide working width.
  • Variable feed speed.
  • Variable brush speed.
  • First set of abrasives.
  • Three phase power.
  • Extraction : Top side 2 x 90mm, right side : 1 x 90mm, left side : 1 x 90mm, bonus head : 1 x 60mm.
  • Extraction : Minimum air flow speed of 25 m / s.

Optional Equipment

  • Extra abrasive set.


Max. Working Width 300 mm
Max. Working Height 100 mm
Min. Work Piece Length 390 mm
Min. Work Piece Thickness 9.5 mm
Feed Speed(variable) 6 - 18 m/min
Brush Speed 200-1200 rpm
Machine Dimension 184 x 123 x 155 D x W x H
Packing Dimension 205 x 101 x 163 D x W x H
Recommended spindle speed for Brush Sanding 200-700 rpm
Machine weight 340 kg



Brush sanding is ideal for any types of profiles or mouldings, both simple and intricate. Whatever the task, we have a combination of brushes and technique to suit.


  • Machine:Unosand Moulding Sander
  • Hub:120mm Dia. / 30 keyways
  • Brush Type:220 Grit / 42 mm brush height

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