The Unosand Multi 1000 is a twin head brush sander for flat and liner sanding, denibbing and deburring. Working width is 1000mm.

The machine is three phase 400v. The brush speed is infinitely adjustable from 0-1000 RPM with forward and reverse option.

The conveyor feed speed is adjustable from 2-12 meters per minute.

  • Consistent finishing on linear contoured and irregular surfaces.
  • Sanding heads adjustable in height, max workpiece height of 125mm.
  • Round off sharp edges on flat products.
  • Linear Profile sanding.
  • Provide a key for paint/sealer and denib between coats.
  • Polish/buff components.
  • Brush finish aluminium and other metals.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Suited to both small and medium workshops with varied production.

Standard Equipment

  • Extractor hood 4 x 100mm outlet.
  • The Multi 1000 is supplied with 2 * 180mm diameter hub with 36 key ways and a full set of sanding brushes for each, any grit.

Optional Equipment

  • None.


Working Width 1000 mm
Brush height adjustment 125 mm
Motor 230/240V forward/reverse 0-1000 rpm
Max diameter hub inc. Sanding Strips 320 mm
Weight 880 KG
Conveyor feed speed 1-12 M/min
Extraction outlet diameter 4 x 100 mm
Brush motor 2.2 KW
Power 400v Three Phase
Dimensions L x H x W 1560 x 1484 x 1560 mm
Price ££ CALL ex. VAT



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  • Machine:Unosand Multi 1000
  • Hub:2 x Aluminium / 180mm Dia. / 36 keyways
  • Brush Type:NA / NA

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