The Unosand Multi 140 machine is compact, efficient and extremely versatile. For ultimate control, the speed is infinitely adjustable from 200-700 RPM with forward and reverse feature as standard.

All this makes the Unosand Multi 140 the perfect machine for workshops both large and small.

The sanding brush head is height adjustable to suit a range of applications and can be used with the table or freehand without the table.

The sanding brush head and independent extraction hood can be rotated 360 degrees.

  • Edge sanding.
  • Profile sanding.
  • Use in conjunction with existing moulding machine.
  • Use over/under conveyor.
  • MDF edge sanding
  • Edge sand cabinet doors.
  • Prep sand MDF.
  • Provide a key for paint/sealer and denib between coats.
  • Process components in stacks.
  • Forward/reverse feature,both sand and denib with double sided brush.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Polish/buff components.

Standard Equipment

  • Extractor hood 100mm outlet.
  • Worktable 750 mm x 400 mm.
  • 180 mm diameter Sanding Hub with 36 Keyways and 140 mm working face.
  • First set of abrasives.

Optional Equipment

  • Extra sanding hubs.


Working Face 140 mm
Worktable Height 940 (removable) mm
Worktable Dimension 750 x 400 mm
Worktable Adjustable +/- 30 ┬░
Max diameter hub inc. Sanding Strips 300 mm
Adjustable in Height 430 mm
Motor 230/240V forward/reverse 200-700 rpm
Price £CALL ex. VAT



Brush sanding is ideal for profiles both simple and intricate. Whatever the task, we have a combination of brushes and technique to suit. Optional 70mm wide hub shown.


  • Machine:Unosand Multi 140
  • Hub:Aluminium / 180mm Dia. / 36 keyways
  • Brush Type:P87 / A220 Grit


Edge brush sanding on a solid oak cabinet door.


  • Machine:Unosand Multi 140
  • Hub:Aluminium / 180mm Dia. / 36 keyways
  • Brush Type: P32H / A220 Grit

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