Used combined wire brushing and abrasive brush sanding machine.

Versatile machine with 300mm working width, with two sanding heads.

Adaptable interchangeable heads with wire, abrasive nylon, sanding and denibbing brushes.

  • Structure wood to enhance the natural grain.
  • Ideal for solid wood, engineered flooring,cladding,decking and all linear mouldings.
  • Components up to 300mm high processed.
  • Quickly change between wire and sanding brushes.
  • Provide a key for paint/sealer and denib between coats.
  • Oscillation on first head.
  • Variable speed control to heads and feed.
  • Round off sharp edges.
  • Polish/buff components.
  • Reduce labour costs.


Work width mm 300
Maximum workpiece height mm 300
Feed belt speed m/min 4,5 / 9
Motor power kW 2 x 4
Work tool diameter mm 120 - 300
Machine length mm 1750
Machine width mm 760
Machine height mm 1450

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