The Cheyenne ST2/SP2 is a dedicated wire brushing /structuring machine that uses abrasive nylon and wire brushes.

With 300mm working width and 200mm height adjustment, the ST2 is ideal for brushing flooring, cladding and decking in timber, veneer or even MDF.

The ST2 is a compact machine with reliable manual adjustments. Options are available such as electric height adjustment and variable feed speed by inverter.

Other machines in the Sarmax range are available in 400mm or 600mm width with 1-6 heads.

  • Low cost, dedicated structuring machine.
  • Structure wood to enhance the natural grain.
  • Ideal for solid wood and engineered flooring.
  • Compact machine.
  • Direct drive motors.
  • Variable feed speed by gear motor.
  • Fixed brush speed at 1000 RPM.
  • 300mm working width.
  • Optional inverter for feed speed.
  • Optional inverter for brush speed.
  • Optional side head.
  • Optional in-feed/out-feed conveyor.

Available on request

  • Side head.
  • Inverter for variable feeding speed.
  • Inverter for variable brush speed.
  • Infeed - outfeed idle roller table
  • Brush with oscillating movment.
  • Electrical lifting with digital read-out (available for brushes and chain).


Machine Dimensions 130x100x160 LxWxH
Weight 420 kg
Max width of piece 40 cm
Max width of piece 30 cm
Min length of piece 30 cm
Number of brushes 2 -
Brush diameter 20 max cm
Adjustable feed speed by gear motor -
Brush Speed 1000 rpm
Brush Speed 1000 rpm
Motor power 4 hp
Power supply voltage 380 / 50 V / Hz



Sarmax ST2/SP2 shown here with optional side head.


  • Machine:SARMAX Cheyenne ST2
  • Brush Type: Wire / Abrasive Nylon

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